Is this a ghost, or am I just loosing it? PLEASE READ!!?

PLEASE REMEMBER: I am only 13, so PLEASE do not be mean :(

(I am having to completely re-type this because I remembered SOO many details I forgot to mention)

I moved into my house in July of ’09.

The FIRST day me and my dad arrived at our house, I had my 1st “Paranormal” Experience at this house. -__-

My dad was outside unloading things from the Uhaul. (I was 100% ALONE in the house)
I was walking around my new home, looking up and down the hallways, checking out the new rooms when I had noticed there was this toy in front of me, that hadn’t been there before. I looked puzzled, as I picked it up. My thoughts were “Oh no…” (I’ve seen lots of ghost shows, so when something like this happens when you first move in, that usually means you’re going to have LOTS of experiences.) Boy was I right.. :(

At first it was just a pogo sound coming from outside my window. (Happened at the previous house too) Then, it was a little girl giggling in the middle of the night. (MULTIPLE People heard it, including me)

Then, I started hearing someone coming up the stairs, when nobody was there.

After that, I heard running in the upstairs loft. (Upstairs Living Room)

Then it escalated into hearing voices. (Man, and 2 woman. Then, I started hearing a little girl)

After that, I saw a shadow person, (wasn’t the first time, either) then I saw, on multiple occasions a shadow cat.

AFTER that, I continued hearing a little girl voice whispering “Mikayla” or “Kayla” or “Mikki.”

THEN, I saw a little boy shadow person run into my little brother’s room.

-Sigh- Then, I heard 5 knocks on my WINDOW, followed by shuffling on my carpet.
Less then 10 seconds later my sister knocked on my DOOR 5 times, and shuffled her feet on the carpet.. (Coincidence ? )

Then, finally one day I decided to confront this possible entity. . . . .
I said “I can hear you, I can see you, I know you’re here.” I paused and felt this overwhelming sadness come over me. Once the sadness came, I realized I felt a presence in my bedroom.

Approximately 20 seconds later, the sadness and presence went away.

Now, every night I hear a little girl calling my name.

I am loosing sleep because I am too scared to fall asleep.

The sad thing is, my Mom nor Dad believe me.

I’m not sure if this is relevant or not but:

I constantly have dreams were I can see what I am doing, weeks (sometimes YEARS) before they actually happen. (My sister says I am a medium, haha)

Example: Many many years ago (about 4 or 5) I dreamed of me, my sister, and my mom in this living room in a nice house. In 2009 my dream came true. I was sitting in my living room of my CURRENT house with my mom, and my sister. Same details, same conversation, same EVERYTHING.

So.. whatcha’ think? Am I just more sensitive to these types of things, or am I turning into a Schizophrenic?

Sorry it was soooo terribly long. :(


Myrtles Plantation EVP

‘Amazing Grace’ evp Some friends and I were at the Myrtles Plantation. This was around 11pm and we had just gone out and started taping…we weren’t ‘ghost hunting’ at that time. There was no one else outside at that moment. It sounds to me like an older soulful black woman singing Amazing Grace. We did not hear this at the time. It was found upon rewatching the tape almost a year later. Please don’t say this is a fake. I am not saying this is a ghost. All I am saying is that we didn’t hear it when we were there. It doesn’t make sense to any of us. None of us has that voice. And it just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ with the rest of the audio heard by us. It fades out in an eerie sort of way and seems to ‘layer’ itself before that. Anyways, I’m not saying it’s a ghost. So please don’t tell me it’s fake. I took it straight from the video to the computer. Hopefully one day I’ll get the tape analyzed. I have disable comments because it was getting out of hand. Please email me with anything you’d like to say. thank you


Have you ever seen these things…?

A faery, a house demon/deity, a shadow person, a ghost or a spirit(a person who died, and already has been to the light and now is back), a demonic spirit, an angel, a leprauchan, or any other type of magickal type of being?
Can you describe them, and when, where, and how were you able to see them, either thru mediation, or wide awake…or more?

( I have personally seen a Japanese House demon….scared me soooo very badly…I never want to see one again! But, I don’t think that I will…..(at that time..I was housesitting for a man from Japan.)..and I tried to change the “energy” levels in the house…..I learned that is a HUGE “no-no”!!!! Never again.!!!…….as one psychic told me…..I need to refrain from changing other peoples homes…(inside and out)!And it isn’t likely to happen to me again…if I don’t do that type of stuff again! LOL!
Just to add…NO, I don’t smoke junk or do any drugs…and YEAH, I have seen something so petrifying …I couldn’t scream or get up to call the police…I was frozen with extreme fear!


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