Have you ever seen a ghost?

I have. There have actually been a few times.
1. I was in my room and I heard creaking on my bed and one of my friends can actually see ghost and so I told her about it. She said that there is a woman who died when she was 25 and she is watching after me because she wants to see me make it to 25. Well I’ve seen her shadow but not her. 3 of my friends have seen her in their dreams 1 of those people have seen her in person. My friend who is 25 has seen her in a dream the night b4 he saw me and its happened every single time. My other friend who is the 25 year olds brother has seen her in a dream to. Then my friend has actually seen her. The spirit that is following me has hurt my friend. Many times. She seriously hates my friend because she thinks that she is a bad influence.
2. The other night I was laying in my bed. I couldn’t sleep. I heard some noises which by now were normal to me. So I was laying down in my bed and she got on top of me. She was looking around the room and then I realized that there was someone else there with her. She looked at me and got so close to my face. I could see her eyes nose and mouth as if it were a skeleton. Then I closed my eyes real tight. When I opened them she was sitting behind me rubbing the side of my face by my eye brow. It was soooo warm. She layed there all night. Until about 5 am when i woke up. I was doing my mae up getting ready for school and on both my jaws they were swollen and hurt really bad. Does anyone know why this could have happen?
i don’t do drugs…i just want a seriouse f u cking answer!

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