Ghost and Christianity?

As Christians how do you feel about the idea of Ghosts? Are they Biblically supported? I know for instance when Jesus was walking on water the disciples thought he was a Ghost so the idea there being ghosts have been around for ages!

Remember the movie/book “The Shining”? And they were in that hotel? My parents went to visit that hotel, and had a tour of it. While they were there they took a lot of different pictures. They are pretty amazing, there are a lot of mists and white clouds that weren’t there when they took the pictures. One picture of my mom in the hotel made her look really demonic. It didn’t even look like her, it gives people the chills when they look at it.

So as Christians what can we suppose this is? I heard someone says the Bible states something about mocking spirit that take the form of the dead and imitate them. Obviously I’m assuming they are demons, not the spirits of dead people. That’s absurd.

Also, is there any scientific evidence that proves or disproves ghosts? What study has been done?



Question about T.V. show “Ghost Hunters”?

I believe that life exists on other planets other then Earth. I dont necessarily believe that they have every visited Earth, but I am sure that life exists. On the other hand I do not believe in Ghosts. I find folklore and tv shows and books behind them extremely entertaining and interesting though. I have been watching the t.v. show “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International” and have seen almost all of the episodes and there is some stuff on the show that really makes a person want to believe in Ghosts. The light tower episode with the electronic voice phenomenon that they heard and that shadow at the top of the light house that looked over the railing then ran off to the side was pretty freaky. Here are my questions,
1. Do you believe in Ghosts and why, what proof do you use?
2. Did you see the episode I am talking about above, what did you think about it?
3. Do you think that they make fake shadows and electronic voice phenomenon for the show?
Ya, I forgot about that episode. How freaky was that? I saw the thermal camera showed that figure of a person clear as day but nothing was there visually and there was no way for them to make that happen again. That was pretty amazing.
all the things you point out are the reasons I dont believe in ghosts and even though I love watching “Ghost Hunters” and other shows like it you are right, most of the E.V.P.’s are crap cause they sound like nothing until they tell you what they think they are saying. When people do that you can never form an accurate opinion on what is actually being heard. I also wonder why dont the ghosts ever do anything to leave good evidence. Why not walk in front of the camera crew, why would a ghost not want to be seen, why would the ghost be afraid to be seen.

A Muslim ghost story?

Last year I visited a Caribbean island. I love walking and decided to walk from my Hotel to the Beach which was about 200 yards away. It was a cold, windy evening so I put on Muslim garb…covered from head to foot. It was almost dark when I left the beach and was walking slowly back to my hotel; I saw a young man walking towards me. Suddenly he stopped…I continued walking towards him. Suddenly, I could see his face turned very pale; he started running and screaming; he thought he had seen a ghost.
The next day, I had to explain to the local police why I was clothed that way; when I explained I was Muslim, the smiling Police Officer laughed aloud. The following day, three police officers gave me a free sight seeing tour of the small Island and treated me to fish stakes and all the coconut milk I could drink.
I did try to convert them to Islam but they just laughed their heads off….they thought all Muslim women dressed like ghosts.

Question about Ghost Hunting?

Ok so im 15 and me and my 9 year old brother and my 10 year old cousin go ghost hunting at my grandmas who lives right beside me and we go ghost hunting in the basement and its EXTREMELY creepy lol i no it sounds childish for me to go ghost hunting with people younger then me but my cousin is my BFF i no it sounds weird lol but anywayz my brother has an MP3 player that we set in the basement and go out and weve caught quite a few things already but i might be getting a camcorder for my 15 birthday which is sep 19 and i was wondering how we can use it to go ghost hunting and if you have any advice on how we can get more evidence of PETE ( the ghost in her house lol they just call him that hes been there for a LONG time) and also what else can we use to catch evidence?? we have a nmae and its called Ghost Stories…any help IS GREATLY APPRICIATED:))))Thanks♥♥♥


Ghosthunting and Paranormal Investigation