I need advice about a ghost haunting my house?

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question. Though I know some people don’t believe in this sort of thing, me having been one of them some months ago, I would like to hear some serious answers, since my problem in very serious and I’m in need of help.

My roommate and I recently moved into a house that we are leasing. When we first saw it we loved the way it looked, once we stepped in… we fell in love with it and immediately decided to sign the lease for a year. Well, we have barely been living here for about 4 months and things that at first my roommate and I thought of as small weird things have quickly grown into full on haunting.

Within the first month that we lived here I noticed that things were drastically moved or misplaced and would constantly hear odd noises at night… yet I always thought they were my roommate’s doing. By the second month I got tired of the noise at night and approached her about it one morning. She immediately told me that she thought I was the one doing all the stuff I was blaming her for. We instantly felt uncomfortable b/c we knew very well that the noises we were hearing were real and that they are from a ghost. We did research and found that some spirits try to get the attention of people to either simply play around with them or to ask for help, but that if you tell them respectfully that you can’t aid them and then ignore them, that they would eventually leave you alone. So my roommate and I did just that. Things grew calm for a few weeks, only that once again at night we would hear some footsteps coming down the hall from the kitchen to the end where both of our rooms are at, and then back to the living room. Then, in the living room we hear the tv being turned on and off, and in the kitchen the water faucet also being turned on and off. Very rarely we would hear clatter with our dishes, as well as noticing that during the time of 2:40am to 3:10am the entire house gets extremely cold. Even as we have guests, though there might not be noise, there is always that extreme cold between those times.

Anyways, my point is that these past couple of months the hauntings have gotten much worse and we no longer know what to do. Now it’s reached a physical level. There have been nights where either one of us are calmly sleeping and suddenly are woken up by something, only we can’t move until we call the other person for help. To me, it appears as if the ghost wants to get our attention even more now, but we are now scared b/c it has gotten so much worse. We have never actually seen any sort of shadow or blur that would make us think it’s the ghost. The only things we have experienced are the noises; voices of someone saying something, only we don’t understand it b/c it’s a low whisper; drastic temperature drop in the middle of the night, things being moved, tv’s & faucets being turned off and on, doors being opened, and recently physically not being able to move while laying down after being woken up.

We don’t know where to find people that could help us or how to gather information on this since people we’ve approached about this don’t believe us or give us false information. I know many of you will suggest the internet… well, me being here obviously means I’ve done just that. I’ve been apart of Yahoo! Answers for a while and I have given before the answer to simply look it up on Google or Yahoo, etc. Well, I’ve done the research for almost two weeks straight and have come up with nothing. If you know of someone or a specific website of someone that can help I will be very grateful.

* I know some people find comfort in knowing the age of the person asking a question just to verify the maturity level of the person seeking advice, so here’s mine and my roommates. I’m 22 and my roommate is 23.


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Tell me yours.


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