who beleive in ghost and who doesnt and why do or dont you?

i wanted to ask this question cause i see that there is not to much middle ground. Ether someone beleive every little thing that happends is a ghost or that everything has a scientific explanation or the person is crazy if it cant be explained away. i think some people their faith drives them to thinking there is something super natual and thats why there faith can get rid of it and put there mind to ease. There are also alot of scientific answers for alot of things that happen that people dont seem to look at befor asking am i haunted ( like light orbs witch are dust, or light bouncing off a wall/window at a certain time a day creating what seems to be a ghost). I get why some people dont beleive cause there are to many people that talk up stuff they have saw and feed into it wiith there own mind and alot has a explanation that wasnt looked into first. But with that being said how do people explain thngs that science cant explain? (like shadow people or ghost caught on camra/video, many people seeing the same thing with out talking to each other or reading each others story first) why do people either A) just beleive in just it being a ghost or B) it just being something explainable or the person has to be crazy so if you beleive why do you beleive and what proof do you have for bbeleiveing? and if you dont beleive why dont you beleive in any of it and what proof do you have for none of it existing? alsoo i would like to know the people that dont beleive in ghost/spirits/demonds do you also not beleive in an after life or god? or do you? and if not what do you beleive in and what is your proof that you way is right? and the eople that beleive in ghost/spirits/demonds do you also beleive in god or how do you beleive you were created? and do you have roof to back up what you think is to be true? or do you just have a bible and religion telling you this is how you were created and this is what is? i know people angery when epoeple dont beleive what they do but i would like to see how people veiw things i find it interesting why one can beleve one thing but another doesnt. Im not saying one way is right and one way is wrong im more on a middle ground.
@BoringAf… – why do you beleive its not rational? do you ahve proof to disbleive what someone claims or just cause you beleive its not rational it cant be? cause thats not a fair way of looking at things if thats the case that would be like someone saying thats all it can be just cause they beleive thats all it can be. why not look at someone elses point of veiw befor conclueding they are wrong?
@john- how do you think somethings arnt proof like the video or pictures of “ghost” isnt that proof. If scientist can disprove things with camras and it be taken as fact (like light orbs wtch are actualy dust in order to of figured that out they created dust in the air took the picture and saw the orbs creating picture proof that orbs are dust) then why cant paranormal investagators take a picture or vidio of something that cant be disproved and use it as fact?
@wushubo- very true that is a good way to look at it and i understand why alot of people dont beleive there are alot of people that do make there story out to be more then it is just so it could sound more beleiveable witch makes it sound less beleivable to others plus then you have thw psychics that arnt psychic at all(not say all arnt just saying about the ones that just get as much info and tell you what you wanna hear). but there has been proof of them on video how can that be disproved and why there might not be a bunch of evidince is the fact that things cant be seen in order to get what science sees as proof but none the less there is some. Probably not as much as we all may like to have but there is some. but i like your point of veiw :)
@Shenayna- good answer i alswo beleive we were from eveluton cause it makes very good sense but i also beleive everything has a soul and im not saying there is or isnt a god but maybe there is after we die that helps.
@ethan- ai gree i think by so many people faking stuff it has added to people nt wanting to believe in it witch makes sense i probably wouldnt believe either if i wouldnt of been having something going on so i can see why people dont beleive. but when you have something happen and you try to debunk it in every way and still cant explain it then you start to beleive maybe not beleive its a “demond” but beleive something is there that u cant physicly see. witch is why i understand why people beleive
@john- to comment on your edit, very true alot of proof has not been made this i totaly agree with but at the same time alot of stuff claimed has not been disproved. Just as a scientist can come up with a theory that something happened a certain way makes them as credible as the person saying they saw the “ghost” if they cant prove there theory is true just like the person isnt able to prove there “ghost” is true
@wushubo- on your edit, that is very true and a good point people did beleive in germs and black holes with the naked eye and also in what they were told befor there was scientific proof and some would say they were wrong. so why cant this also be true with ghost even though there is no scientist that have proved it to their standerds that there are not ghost, but threw history and faith people have been told it does exist just like other things we have discoverd but been told didnt exist befor hand but now we know them to exist

can being scared harm my baby? ?

im 7 weeks pregnant and i’m thinking about going 2 warwick castle for halloween, by this time i will be 10 weeks pregnant. Al tho i love the rush of being scared and love ghost tours i do tend 2 get very scared and nervous and im not sure if it will harm my baby?

i need some advice as i cant seem 2 find any answers on the internet!

i would be really grate full for any answers that may help me decide whats best for me and my baby

thanks xx


michael jacksons ghost on cnn interview live , real or fake ?

watched it on youtube , look it up , and see watchu think ? in my opinion i think it really is him cos a shadow like that isnt gonna walk that fast and it looks like that shadow is floating while walking you know ? and it has a hat ! and also that shadow doesnt look like it came from a window or something it looks like a person walking but only its a shadow . i think that ghost can also be a shadow becos ive seen ghost at my old house before and they were shadows . well thats my opinion , i wanna know watchu guys think [:
yes i did see it on cnn and on youtube . at first i was like woah ! i didnt want to believe it but i believe in these things , i want him to rest in peace too but you know , thats my opinion

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