Myrtles Plantation Ghosts in Video! This link brings you to Cloe’s real name on her slave papers, she first belonged to Bradford until Woodrow saw her and took her in as a Mistress, with no papers! My friend and I were the only ones outside! At 27 seconds in you hear a deep breath after I say “somethings right behind me!” 1min 46 sec look at the left window! spirit in white At 1min 48 seconds watch inside the left window! spirit hunched over At 3min and 2sec (until10sec) watch the white figure walk across, we were the only ones out there! @2:53 a tall male spirit is looking through the left window at us! Looks like he is in all black with top hat! If you rewind to beginning of house shots you can see the inside of window before the man standing there! I was focused on the bug afraid to look up in the house, the bug was on its back like it had just been flipped over struggling to get on its feet! At 3min and 29 seconds I noticed a pair of legs!


Ghosthunting and Paranormal Investigation