Are there organizations were you can spend the night in a haunted castle?

I’ve heard about those haunted castles in England and Ireland, but do they let tourists spend the night there? I’ve looked it up and there are articles from journalists who have, and there’s one where people are allowed to be “ghost hunters” for a night, but is there some tour where you can just sign up and then go?

I saw a shadow last night at 3am?

As I was having difficulty falling asleep last night. I was looking at the walls and I saw what looked like a dogs shadow move across the wall. I sleep in the living on the floor with an air mattress and there are two glass doors that are at the south side of the house.

Outside the glass doors theres a deck that goes 20ft from the ground and the neighbors back porch light shines up towards the balcony and you can see the wooden blocks of the deck illuminated towards the living room wall where I sleep.

I know this because usually I let my dog sleep outside on the porch when it isnt too cold outside. I used to see his shadow on the walls the same way I saw the shadow last night, so I know that you have to be in a certain area/place to have the shadow appear.

It was three am on the clock exactly and I looked at the walls and saw partially the back and behind that was walking on the porch and it looked the behind of a dog. Only I looked out on the porch and nothing was there..

Me neighbors werent outside and you have to make a little noise to walk up and down the porch becuase the stairs creak. This freaked me out big time.

I dont think i went to sleep til 4 am? Of course this wasnt without the night lights on.

Any ideas on what shadow creatures are? I dont think is was a shadow person, namely because I dont know any ghosts or shadow people that crawl on the ground with animal skins (joke).
It wasnt an animal. The light shines by my neighbors light through the wooden columns on my deck that is..

20 ft high! and you would have to be on the deck OUTSIDE the door OR inside the room with me!

IMMEDIATELY after I saw this shadow i looked on the deck and nothing was there! It takes time for an animal to walk down the steps onto the ground outside and plus there was no noise when it walked away!


Ghost Hunting Dog Xena Meets Spirit of Virginia

Acid Entertainment’s Brandi Lynn Borgia takes her two dogs to the grave of a 19 year old named Virginia that is spiritually active. She wanted to see how or if they’d react to spiritual presences. For awhile it seems as though the dogs don’t notice any spiritual activity. But as the visit unfolds, one of the dogs, Xena,can’t help but notice when she’s touched by a ghost!


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