why am i seeing the same ghost in my dreams?

i don’t believe in ghosts, im not even a nervous person, im pretty much chill..but this shit is starting to freak me out. iv seen the same guy in my nightmares for the past five days. iv never even had a nightmare before? all of the dreams are different, the first two were me as a little kid pedaling around a mansion like the boy from the shining, and there’s a female voice telling me this story about a ghost who pulls peoples souls out of their bodies kicking and screaming, and hangs them up in this room full of dirty cracked mirrors to wail forever. in the third dream im with my friend jeremy and were running from the cops or something and we jump a fence into this yard. then im alone, and im like eight years old, looking up at this huge house, and the house is cold, it makes the air cold and the trees and grass are dead. and in the dream i know this is the place full of mirrors. this is where he brings people. the fourth was the same as the third, except at the end i saw the ghosts shadow and it fell on me, it was so cold there in his shadow that it hurt. i just woke up from the last one about ten minutes ago, it was the worst by far. in it i was walking home down the dirt road, and when i got to the front yard there were four or five people i didn’t know standing there, and they were cold, i could see it. then they all looked towards the neighbors house, and turned to run away, but they were slow because of the cold. then i turned to look at what scared the cold people, and it was the huge house from the third and fourth dreams and walking towards me is the ghost man, hes average height and very thin, wearing a long jacket made of animal skin with the fur on the inside and around the collar, hes also wearing a cowboy hat the same color as the jacket, which is brown. he also has a go tea, and he’s carrying two big silver hooks, one in each hand. there’s frost all over him and the hooks are frozen to his hands. then the hooks hit my chest and im screaming, and cold runs through me and it hurts like hell. then im out of my body and everything burns like fire and he’s dragging me towards the house of broken mirrors. then i woke up actually screaming. i don’t know if this will continue until i get into the house, or what…but i fucking hope not

I’m Going to Washington DC….?

For 3 college tours. So, I’ve never been to washington DC, and i live in Wisconsin. I was reading the Itenierary, and never heard of these places. Can you tell me what they are?

1. Union Station
2. Peterson House
3. Alexandria Ghost Tour
4. Mount Vernon

I have no clue what those things are, so if you could tell me, that would be great!

PS: I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan, so do you think i would be able to find a Packers jersey in DC?


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