Ghost hunters…how do i start my own ghost hunting team?

I am 16 and really want to know how to start my own ghost hunting team. I want to find out how to get people to be in it with me (my friends are scared) and how to get people to know what I do if they believe of having spirits in their house, restaurant, etc. Also all the bonus things like team shirts or the best equipment for ghost hunting. So please tell me how to start a team it means the world to me, and please serious answers only. thxs.


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  1. First try to make pictures… If you find a strange looking figure in it… then you show it to your friends and they will believe you!!!!

  2. make a web site…a face book page and a twitter group….get the word out there. I did it!
    It’s not that hard if you can hook up with the right people. You need cameras, recorder and
    a lot more. It is costly!

  3. Post an add in a news paper or on a school board with a phone number were you could be reached.

    Know that ghost are not a freak show, they are spirits in pain so you need to respect them and try to help them.

  4. if u mean a legit business like the ghostbusters then nah jus cross that out cuz that takes a lot of money for the equipment but if u want something easy then just get a video camera and a couple of your bravest friends and go into the abandoned house down the block

  5. I would love to have a team to go ghost hunting with. I think you have to find a few ppl that are seriouse about it and know what there doing, like me, its my passion, going to scary places and old cemetaries but everyone i bring only goes for the fun of it :/ The team should have like two ppl doing an EVP, one person taking pictures, another with a video recorder, with night vision ect. As for going to private homes, thats probly the only hard part, someone in the team has to be good at getting thier services knows, talking with people and finding places. PRS from penn state is a great team, getting in touch with someone from their team would really helpful

  6. First, get the education you need to hunt ghosts – credentials are important things to have if you expect anyone to allow a group of teenagers on and in their property to hunt ghosts or investigate paranormal activity. I also doubt that the parents of your teenage friends are going to approve of this because might think it’s just a way for their teens to get into trouble or maybe damage property that they’ll be responsible for.

    Like I said, educate yourself in this field, if you’re really serious.

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