How do you set a tape recorder for E.V.P?

I want to make an EVP recording. Is this dangerous? How do I set up the tape recorder? Any special tape recorder?

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  1. As far as I know any will work but make sure you put it in a place where it won’t get knocked down or messed with and where it is quite

  2. Not dangerous if you’re prepared for what you might hear. Any tape player will work though I think most use digital recorders. Regular ones will work as well. Just sit it someplace secure or hold it firmly.

  3. You can use anything that records sound to catch an EVP. I’ve even heard stories that people have heard EVPs through cell phones. {Although I can’t confirm it.} Digital recorders seem to be the most popular.

    EPVs are only dangerous if you are not mentally prepared for whatever you can catch.

    There was a lady who had a team come to her property to investigate. They caught sounds of what sounded like a women drowning her child. The lady was not prepared to here it. She was mentally scarred.

  4. there is no danger what so ever. As for setting it up? I personally like to use the voice activated (VOX) setup. That way I don’t have to go thru a bunch of nothing to try and hear anything. The recorder automatically turns on when any noise is heard. I also have it set for high sensitivity. I prefer to use a digital recorder for cost effectiveness, as well as it is not susceptible to magnetic interference or recorded over messages. Its all about personal choice. You can leave it out in an area and walk away making sure there is no other noise sources in the room or area, Or you can walk around asking questions, but make sure you give ample time for an answer after you ask a question. Experiment with it. and finally, have a program on your computer where you can download and isolate areas of interest. but try to avoid messing with it. if it isnt clear enough to understand alone, and you mess with it, then any skeptic can say its fake.

  5. It’s only dangerous if you trip over something while setting it up :)

    Use a digital recorder to avoid picking up the noise of the tape mechanism. If you must use a tape recorder, use an external mic to avoid picking up this noise. When recording, do not hold or touch the mic or recorder. During the recording let no one in the house or room move a muscle, and make sure nobody’s stomach is rumbling and nobody is burping or passing gas. Also make sure your recorder is not using automatic microphone sensitivity. Instead just set it so it’s at the same sensitivity level all the time, otherwise it could switch back and forth and introduce artifacts into the recording.

    I think EVPs are bunk, but if you are going to try it, do it using the best methods you can.

  6. Yes, I have done this many times and it is not dangerious and from what your other answers becarefull what you may pick up could scare you or someone you might play it for. I have a digital recorder and it has done alot of picking up of several Paranormal voices or other noises. Do not mess with that recorder as someone could call you a fake and I don’t think that is what you want to be called.
    I stated a Paranormal Group in 2000 and the ones who are in this group all have different kinds of abilities. None of them are fakes.
    You can use any kind of tape recorder and you announce your name, date and where you are and if someone is with you, make sure you include their name so they won’t be mistook for someone else’s voice. You walk around talking into it by asking questions and if your friend is with you just carry on an everyday conversations and you will still voices and strange noises.
    Sometimes when we can actually feel someone is with us we we provoke them to get them to react and they do.
    This one group I was in provoked a Warlock (Male Dark Witch) who had died in the 1830′s and they had the tape recorder going and the 2 people were at this Warlock’s grave they just keep on with a normal conversation and when they listened to it of cousre they had to share it with me, yep also downloaded it down to my computer and then let me hear it.
    I was scared right away as the voice was the worse I have ever head and told these 2 people he was going to get them and then a whole lot of cursing and If all it said I would more from this area. I was stupid and went with them about 10 at night and there are no home around and it is in a very wooded area. Then something grabbed me by the ankle and I could not move and I had the other 2 pulling at both of my arms and when one of them poured Holy Water on the area, it let go and I screamed and ran back to the van. The other female with me poured a whole bottle of Holy Water on the gravesite and it made it mad.
    Sorry, for writing so much. Just want to make sure you know what you are getting into. Get a digital recorder or one that is voice activated and turn the volume all the way down as that will cut out the white noise. We learned this method and it has worked for our group and we do that also. You could also put it in your house but put it where it will not hear or be able to pick any kind of noise that is not of the Paranormal. Remember to turn the volume all the was down.
    Good Luck with your venture and I hope you get something picked up.

  7. I suppose it depends on where you are planning to take the evp if it is inside and for an extended period of time I would suggest that you have something that you can plug in while recording… I would say digital is best because it is easier to transfer to your computer for analysis… if you are using tapes you should use brand new tapes not something already recorded on… I don’t think its dangerous unless you are going somewhere dangerous to record such as trespassing in an old abandoned haunted house where the owner might shoot a trespasser on site… I would say EVP is not for the weak hearted though if you don’t want to hear something evil tell you to die or something like that you may not want to do evp’s but if your an adrenaline junky that don’t mind stuff like that I would say good luck and have fun (but if you want to really catch something good you have to learn how to talk to spirits I would do some research first) good place to start would be checking in to the TAPS forums and learning what you can study some of the EVP that are posted there and go from there!!!

  8. 1.) Get a tape recorder. The higher quality recording the better.
    2.) Ask random questions into thin air.
    3.) Play the audio back. Try to find patterns of sound in the silence that could be interpreted as words or phrases of the particular language you speak.

    Things not to do:
    1.) Try not to feel silly that you’re asking questions to an empty room.
    2.) Try not to dwell too long on the fact that something without a voice box might have difficulty speaking.
    3.) Try to forget that if a device manufactured to record sound in normal human hearing range picks something up then you should be able to hear it as well.

    That should do it. Good luck and happy hunting.

  9. EVP is not dangerous. It is a recording of something the human ear cannot hear until the recording is played back. They can be creepy, however!
    Just set the recorder in the room where you want; you may ask specific questions or just record. be sure to leave a few moments of silence for questions to be answered.
    The ones that work best are the $20 ones. I got mine at the Discovery store; voice recorder, small hand-size one

  10. any kind of tape recorder will work but the main piece of advice that i can give you is to make sure they all have some kind of external microphone so that if you are using a tape recorder (non digital) you dont hear the tape recording noise, and if you are using a digital voice recorder to make sure that there is nothing that will interfere with it. also make sure you know the noises around so that you dont mistake a boiler turning on for a knock on a door or a window or something like that.

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